Join The USS ADAMS Museum Memorial Brick Campaign!

The USS ADAMS Museum has launched a Memorial Brick Campaign for the upcoming Museum! Purchase your personally engraved brick(s) today and see it displayed onsite at the USS ADAMS Museum!

USS Adams Museum Update

Unfortunately, the United States Navy has reversed course and determined the ex USS CHARLES F ADAMS (DDG-2) will not be donated to the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (“JHNSA”) as a museum in Jacksonville, but instead will be scrapped.  This decision is counter to the Navy’s recommendation in 2014 that the ex USS CHARLES F ADAMS (DDG-2) be released to the JHNSA for donation.  We wish to thank Congressman Rutherford, Senators Rubio and Nelson, Governor Scott, and all the City officials for their efforts with the Secretary of the Navy to have the ex USS CHARLES F ADAMS (DDG-2) brought to Jacksonville.  Although disappointed by this development, the JHNSA will continue to pursue bringing a Navy warship to downtown Jacksonville.

Point of Contact:  Daniel K. Bean, President of the JHNSA, 904.887.4277

Donations for this project can only be made on this site or mailed directly to our Visitor Center. Be wary of anyone else posing as a fund raising agent of the Adams AS THEY ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO DO SO.

Coming to Jacksonville, Florida tentatively in 2019!

THE MISSION: To establish a Naval Museum  in Jacksonville including Florida’s first floating naval warship museum in Downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

THE VISION: The museum will excite, inspire, educate and entertain the general public by:

  • Creating a dynamic Downtown Jacksonville Riverfront attraction
  • Celebrating Northeast Florida’s military, maritime and naval heritage
  • Providing a hands-on, interactive, STEM based vocational experience for students and youth
  • Establishing a world class visitor destination in Downtown Jacksonville
  • Contributing to and further stimulating the economic development of Downtown Jacksonville

CURRENT STATUS: Negotiations are underway with the City of Jacksonville to update a new lease agreement for a floating ship as part of the Jacksonville Naval Museum!

  • The USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) was tentatively selected as the museum ship, but the Navy retracted its offer of the ship as a museum.
  • Ground breaking preparations continue on a future home of a Navy ship at the historic Shipyards Property in Downtown Jacksonville.
  • Finalization of the capital budget continues. Recruitment of sponsors, donors, volunteers and staff is ongoing.


USS Adams Memorial Brick
The USS ADAMS Museum has launched a Memorial Brick Campaign for the upcoming Museum! Bricks will be engraved and installed in a designated memorial rest area within the USS ADAMS Museum site in Downtown Jacksonville.

This public-private partnership needs your help in a number of ways:

Volunteers to assist with fund-raising efforts

Volunteers to support our Visitor’s Center at The Jacksonville Landing

Volunteers, particularly Navy veterans, to help maintain and restore the ship when it arrives

Volunteers to staff and operate the ship and Visitor’s Center

Donations of ship’s equipment or other useful supplies