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Austrailian Naval Ensign


Australian Naval Ensign,

flown by all ships of the Royal Australian Navy since 1967

The three Royal Australian Navy ADAMS Class ships





Ship’s Rep
Scott Smith



Ship’s Rep
Walter McNamee

HMAS Brisbane DDG-41 ACVA

HMAS Brisbane DDG-41 ACVA

Ship’s Rep
Richard Marek

The Bridge of the HMAS Brisbane has been re-created using a display at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Use this link to see information about this display. In addition, we have recently received this photo:

This is a view of the Australia War Museum in Canberra Australia, showing the Bridge and Gun Mount 51 from the HMAS Brisbane (DDG-41). The Brisbane was one of three ADAMS Class ships built for the Royal Australian Navy. The Bridge and Gun Mount were removed from Brisbane before she was sunk just off the coast; she is now a favorite dive spot.

ADAMS Class Museum

Australian Liaison
Richard Marek

Richard Marek

Richard can be contacted in Australia at 0409528289, his mobile phone.
The International number is 61409528289.
Click here to read Richard’s biography

Display Donations to the ADAMS Class Museum Visitor Center

Richard Marek (our ADAMS Class Museum Australian Liaison) and his brother John have recently donated the following items to be displayed at the ADAMS Class Museum Visitor Center:

  1. A copy of Jane’s Fighting Ships, dated 1967-1968
  2. Two (2) photographs of HMAS PERTH
  3. HMAS BRISBANE Cruise Book, dated 1981
  4. HMAS PERTH chocolate tin
  5. A copy of the book, “Australian Navy in Viet Nam”
  6. Decommissioning Book, HMAS PERTH (Blue)
  7. Decommissioning Book, HMAS BRISBANE (Blue)
  8. Decommissioning Book, HMAS HOBART
  9. HMAS HOBART Plaque (Badge No 25) (Blue)
  10. Australian Navy Flag Pin
  11. Australian Naval Book
  12. Australian Navy 75th Anniversary Book
  13. Three First Day Covers
  14. Royal Australian Navy Book
  15. A USS NEBRASKA Warship postcard (1915)
  16. Australian Navy Hats w/Ribbons from the following ships: HMAS PERTH, HOBART, BRISBANE
  17. Ships plaques from the following ships:HMAS PERTH, HOBART, BRISBANE
  18. Two ship model kits (1/700 scale) representing HMAS Perth, and all three ships
  19. Indian Ocean Cruise Book 1973 HMAS PERTH
  20. Australian Navy Today Booklet

Thanks so much to our Australian shipmates for letting us display these items!

Contact the JHNSA’s ADAMS Class Museum Visitor Center via email if you have items you would like to donate or loan to the ADAMS Class Museum.

Australian Naval Ensign currently hanging in the ADAMS Class Museum Visitor Center