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Community Support

The proposal to berth an ex-USS Naval warship as a Naval ship museum on the riverfront area of the St Johns River in downtown Jacksonville, Florida has gained local, regional, and state support.

Local Support

This effort to establish a Naval ship museum in Jacksonville using the ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS has the support of the following groups and/or individuals:

1. The City Council of Jacksonville, Florida, on February 26, 2008, passed a Resolution supporting the establishment of the ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS as a Naval Ship Museum in Jacksonville. The Resolution was passed unanimously by a vote of 15-0. In addition, an Amendment to the Resolution was also passed that listed the entire City Council as co-sponsoring the Resolution.

2. During the middle part of February, 2008 the ADAMS museum project received the endorsement of two Committees of the Jacksonville City Government. Both the Finance Committee and the Recreation / Community Development Committee voted to support berthing ADAMS on the St Johns River in downtown Jacksonville. On October 12, 2010, the Jacksonville City Council voted 15-0 UNANIMOUSLY to approve Ordinance 2010-675, which gives the City of Jacksonville’s formal support for berthing the ADAMS Class Museum, utilizing the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS, alongside the Acosta Bridge in downtown Jacksonville on the south bank of the St Johns River. This is one of the key legislative steps in satisfying the US Navy requirement to demonstrate the availability of a permanent berth for the ADAMS Class Museum for at least 10 years. Click here to see a copy of the City Council Ordinance.

3. The Jacksonville Florida Waterways Commission passed a Resolution on November 1, 2007 stating their support for the berthing in their city the last existing ADAMS class guided missile destroyer in the United States, USS CHARLES F. ADAMS, and the creation of a Memorial and Museum, dedicated to the ADAMS Class DDG’s, the sailors who served on them, their contribution to our nation’s security during the Cold War, and their part in US Naval History.

4. The Honorable Patrick Taylor, former Mayor of Eaton, Ohio and County Commissioner of Preble County, Ohio, in a letter to the Honorable John Peyton, Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida, clearly identified the economic benefits of having the former USS CHARLES F. ADAMS berthed as a Naval ship museum in downtown Jacksonville.

5. The North Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) strongly supports berthing the ADAMS in Jacksonville. They believe that establishing a ship museum in Jacksonville would provide many excellent program opportunities, especially as a camp aboard opportunity (currently local Scouts travel as far as Charleston for this type of experience, instead Scouting families would travel to Jacksonville). They also believe that the ADAMS could be used for meetings, training opportunities, and special events such as merit badge classes and court of honor ceremonies. Scouting remains strong in the Jacksonville area and we welcome additional programs. Click on this link to see the letter from Jack L. Sears, Jr., Scout Executive/CEO, North Florida Council of the Boy Scouts.

6. Local Junior Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (JNROTC) units see significant potential for interaction between the cadets from local NJROTC units and the ADAMS Naval Ship Museum. Since there are 56 NJROTC units with over 8,300 cadets in Area 12 (Duval, Clay, St. Johns and Nassau counties in Florida and all of Georgia), the ADAMS has the potential to have an enormous impact. The JNROTC has stated that they see other opportunities for the cadets to utilize an ADAMS Class Naval Ship Museum.

7. NJROTC units in southeast Georgia have expressed enthusiastic support for berthing ADAMS, so that their cadets can have classroom materials brought to life. Although the JNROTC have the assets of Naval Station Mayport available, the constraints of active duty intense operating schedules preclude daylong visits and the in-depth, hands-on exposure to the complexity of a naval warship. Southeast Georgia NJROTC units believe that having the ADAMS available for educational opportunities as well as special events, ceremonies and over-night camp-aboard experiences would be a welcome addition to their programs. They believe that ADAMS would also offer an excellent opportunity for a partnership in community service between the NJROTC Units and the Association operating the ADAMS.

8. Discussions between the ACVA and the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) unit at Jacksonville University have shown that there is interest on the part of the ROTC in utilizing ADAMS for ceremonies, events, and hands-on training. For example, the ROTC would like to use the bridge area for cadet indoctrination regarding the way US Navy bridge personnel perform their functions on a Navy ship.

9. The Sea Cadets of the Navy League of the United States would also greatly benefit from having a Naval Ship Museum such as ADAMS berthed in downtown Jacksonville.

10.  Downtown Vision, Inc. (DVI) has unanimously passed a resolution supporting the Adams Class Naval Museum project. Downtown Vision, Inc. (DVI) is the Downtown Improvement District (DID) for Downtown Jacksonville and is a not-for-profit 501(c)6 organization whose mission is to build and maintain a healthy and vibrant Downtown community and to promote Downtown as an exciting place to live, work, play and visit.

Regional Support

1. The Florida Secretary of State, Secretary Kurt S. Browning, is supporting this idea as stated in his letter dated February 22, 2008. His letter of support to ACVA explains the many reasons why he supports the ADAMS project and his offer of continued support is contained in his letter.

2. The Executive Director of the Florida Department of Veterans‘ Affairs, Rear Admiral LeRoy Collins, Jr., USNR (Ret.), is also supporting the establishment of a Naval Ship Museum in Jacksonville using the ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS

Other Support

Support from other groups include:

1. Crews from most of the ships of the ADAMS class of guided missile destroyers have formed ship associations. These various ship associations have actively supported the ACVA/JHNSA effort to establish a Naval ship museum using the former USS CHARLES F. ADAMS. These ship associations have sent donations, some quite sizeable, to support the museum effort, and they have also encouraged their members to support the project. As a direct result of the plan to establish the Adams Class Museum in Jacksonville, various Naval Ship Association reunions have already been held in Jacksonville, with more being planned. This demonstrates how Jacksonville has already become a headquarters for such tourist business.

2. Strong support from senior retired Naval officers.

3. Support from the Navy’s top admiral, the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Gary Roughead, who released the following statement:

“The ADAMS Class Veterans Association and the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association are truly undertaking a worthwhile cause. The CHARLES F. ADAMS Museum will represent all of the DDGs of this historic class of destroyers. The Museum will be a fitting and dynamic tribute to the many Navy veterans who served on these great ships.” G. Roughead

JHNSA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

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