We need your help by loaning some of your talent or time to a worthy cause.

Why volunteer?

  • Make a difference and help make this GIFT TO JACKSONVILLE a reality
  • Obtain required Community Service Hours in a fun, non-strenuous environment
  • Donate a skill or talent to stay fresh and/or bolster a resume while job searching
  • Network with business and community action folks in Jacksonville who also want to make a positive difference in our community

We cannot do this alone. For five plus years, our dedicated group of volunteers helped us overcome every challenge to get us within sight of the first phase of creating the USS Adams DDG Memorial. We need you, to donate some TIME and TALENT and help us get it off the ground!

Volunteer positions include:

  • Volunteers to assist with administrative work, minor data entry, membership support and fundraising.

These opportunities will continue over the next few years. Anyone interested can volunteer as much or as little they want. Right now, we are building a database of interested volunteers to begin filling needed positions.

We understand your time is valuable and to say thank you for donating your time, volunteers that donate at least five hours will receive a commemorative ADAMS Class DDG Memorial Challenge Coin, at least ten hours will receive an Adams Class DDG Memorial T-Shirt and anyone that volunteers over 20 hours will receive an Adams class ship hat.

If you want to join the crew and make a difference with a little bit of your TIME, TALENT or TREASURE, please use the contact form below:

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