To Jacksonville And The Region

The Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA), with the former USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) berthed on the St Johns River in the heart of downtown Jacksonville, Florida, will provide many benefits, to local residents, to the local youth, to Jacksonville, and to this region of the United States.

Partnering With Duval County Public Schools And Support Of Youth Programs

1. The JHNSA plans to work closely with local elementary, middle, high schools, colleges, and universities to give the young people of the Jacksonville/North East Florida/South East Georgia the opportunity to come aboard ADAMS, and explore the histories, the displays, the high technology systems, and interactive lesson plans and exhibits.

2. We have already begun partnering with Duval County Public Schools to provide educational opportunities on board our proposed Naval Ship Museum. We plan to expand this partnering to local colleges and universities. Using the historical and technological significance of the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS, we hope to be able to focus youth on science, technology, engineering, math, history, & heritage. Eventually, we hope to expand the educational scope of what is done on board ADAMS to include college level engineering and political science subjects.

3. The JHNSA has already put into place the foundation for a partnership with the Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) enabling the school groups that are visiting the downtown museums the ability to visit ADAMS Class Museum during the same field trip under the same trip. The intent is to have a partnership between the JHNSA and DCPS that would provide educational opportunities including; classes on naval history, electricity, physics, etc. The intent of offering these classes would be to give young people insights into the technologies of today‘s Navy, and enable them to earn school credit for successful completion of the various courses.

4. The JHNSA would partner with the local and regional Junior Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (JNROTC) Units that exist in a number of high schools. The JHNSA and the ADAMS Museum would be an ideal place for their projects, their ceremonies, and camp-aboard events.

5. The JHNSA would partner with the local and regional Sea Cadet Programs, sponsored by the local Councils of the Navy League of the United States. The ADAMS Museum would be a perfect location for their Sea Cadet meetings, training, and their various events including graduations, ceremonies, camp-aboard programs, and shipboard training.

6. The JHNSA would also partner with the various local North Florida Boy Scout and Sea Scout organizations, including the seven (7) Sea Scout Ships in the Jacksonville area: Sea Scout Ship TS Resilience (654), Yankeetown, FL, Sea Scout Ship (254), Jacksonville, FL, Sea Scout Ship (288), Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Sea Scout Ship (398), Hastings, FL, Sea Scout Ship (631), Atlantic Beach, FL, Sea Scout Ship (660), Fernandina Beach, FL, and Sea Scout Ship (963), Live Oak, FL. These Scout groups would be encouraged to use ADAMS as a venue for their various events, and participate in special ADAMS events.

7. There are Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) units in the Jacksonville area, including the unit at Jacksonville University (second largest NROTC unit in the US), and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. The ADAMS would provide a wonderful backdrop for the presentation of such subjects as Naval History, shipboard systems (NROTC students are taught the steam cycle), and the various high-technology weapons systems. Many areas of the ship will be available to the NROTC to view and receive instruction, including the Main Engineering Spaces, CIC, the Bridge, Signal Bridge, After Steering, berthing compartments, Wardroom, Mess Decks, Galley, Damage Control Central, and others. Either ADAMS Docent volunteers or NROTC Instructors could provide instruction. We would make the ship available for ceremonies (commissioning, etc), and other NROTC events.

8. The JHNSA would include, to the maximum extent possible, young people from JNROTC and Sea Cadet units in the various programs being offered to Delayed Entry Personnel (DEP) as described in paragraphs 5-9 below, in the section on Support for Navy Recruiting.

Benefits To The City Of Jacksonville

1. The addition of a Naval ship museum on the downtown Jacksonville riverfront area, such as the one being proposed by the ACVA and the JHNSA using the ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2), will produce significant benefits to the local tourist industry. Having an exciting, inspiring and compelling attraction such as the proposed ADAMS Museum would enhance the  downtown Jacksonville Riverwalk. The already existing Lone Sailor Monument on the Riverwalk, the Veterans Arena and Navy Memorial Wall would be complemented by the presence of the ADAMS. In addition, there would be the “trickle down” financial benefit to other local businesses, also referred to as the multiplier, from the increased tourist traffic to the ADAMS Museum.

2. The partnerships that have been formed with the local downtown hotels, which are supporting the ADAMS Museum proposal, will provide additional tourist traffic as well as event patronage, to the Museum. These win-win partnerships between the ADAMS Class Museum and local business leaders are a key aspect of the financial plan. The fact that ADAMS will be bringing various Navy reunions groups to the downtown Jacksonville area will benefit the local hotels, and related businesses.

Association Of The Berthing Site With The Navy And Ship Reunions

1. There is a strong connection between the ADAMS and the City of Jacksonville, Florida. The USS CHARLES F ADAMS was home ported in Mayport for the last 23 years of her service life. Jacksonville is home to many active duty and retired Navy men and women.

2. As a Navy city, Jacksonville is a natural location to host Navy Ship Reunions. With over 23 ships of the ADAMS class holding periodic reunions, the ship‘s location across from the heart of the city, close to many of the major hotels, the ADAMS museum is the perfect focal point. The excellent year round weather also makes this site desirable as a reunion location. Planning is underway to hold the first ADAMS Class Veterans Association Reunion in Jacksonville.

Continued Association With The Navy And Veterans Associations

1. The JHNSA would make ADAMS available for Navy and other military service events and functions, by both active and reserve units, to conduct on board retirement ceremonies, enlistment and reenlistment ceremonies, promotion ceremonies, memorial services for deceased veterans, and similar events. The JHNSA would also be able to host receptions prior to or following these ceremonies.

2. The JHNSA has as another goal the establishment of an on-going relationship with various local organizations such as the several local Councils of the Navy League of the United States (NLUS), the several local chapters of Fleet Reserve Association (FRA), and similar organizations stretching from beyond King‘s Bay in Georgia to south of St. Augustine in Florida. These organizations would be encouraged to use ADAMS as a venue for their various events, and participate in special ADAMS events. Many of these organizations have already voiced their support of the ADAMS Museum project, and will also serve as a source of Volunteers.

3. The JHNSA would host on board ADAMS special events, commemorating each year the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, the Navy Birthday, Presidents‘ Day, New Year‘s Eve, and other special dates.

4. The JHNSA, utilizing the ADAMS Museum, will pay honor to all ADAMS class ships, their crew, Navy personnel in general, and veterans as a whole. The sacrifices of military men and women will be showcased on board ADAMS, in the various histories and displays, so that visitors and veterans alike will be able to observe what has been given by so many to make our country free and safe. The Curatorial Plan section of this Application contains detailed information on how the various displays and exhibits will highlight the contributions made by our veterans.